Educational Networking Software (eCampus)

  eCampus is a brand new concept introduced by DigitalEDU for Institutes to establish their educational network, without adding any overhead. As part of the crux, eCampus comes with highly sophesticated tools and concepts used to build aura of the school on world wide web through eBranding. One of the aim is to help Students and Professors in building their own brand wagon along with utilities to assist in educational activities.  
Benefits of eCampus to Institutes
Make website dynamic, live & active without any IT expertise or added expenses
Manage & Distribute up-to-date student listing with companies for campus placement
Generate eBroucher for publicity, training and placement activities by click of a button
eCampus can be used as a set of speical tools to help in event managment
Most latest, modern and completely manged set of tools and ideas for eBranding
Search Engine Optimized portal helps in www reconization for attracting web traffic
Run campains to attract new potential student candidates all over the world
Benefits of eCampus to Students
Showcase profile, educational development and employment history on college portal
A survey shows claims made on college portal are trusted more by recruiters
Add this profile page to hard copy of their resume as a warranty of their claims
Publish resume to viewers  worldwide, it will be made public and search engine friendly
Employment portals limit your reach to people/companies who pay them
Gain interest of foreign schools towards awarding admissions and assistantships
Interact with teachers and classmates through computers and cell phones
Manage online group activities, projects, seminar, blogs, forums, emails
Display personality through blogs, messages, friends, pictures, videos & media
Benefits of eCampus to Faculty Members
Showcase teaching track record, research work/interest through on college portal
Broadcast teaching material in any multimedia format
Run forums and discussion boards for taught subjects
A fact: Students participate more in online forums compare to in-class  discussions
Run forums and discussion boards for their classes
Blog writing can be added as assignment in conjunction with seminar & presentation
Create opportunities for students to help each others
Manage links with alumni students
Manage group activities, projects and participate with students online
Special events management & communication with participants
Communicate with peers at other geographical locations
  eCampus can be broken down into any combination of following module to cater needs of institutes as per requirement on case to case basis.  
Modules of Educational Networking Software – eClass
eBranding Institues, Students & Teachers eProfiles for all members
eMail service from institutes own portal eNotice-Board for instant notification
Educational Networking, Wall Messaging Blogs, Forums and Workgroups
eBrochure for a live dynamic website Annual Batch and Allumni Listing
File Repository, Online Storage & Sharing Automated Training and Placement Cell

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