eLearning Management Software (eClass)

  eClass is eLearning Management Software This is an interesting web-based software that DigitalEDU provides for schools, colleges, universities, companies and government agencies too. This tool helps in implementing Online Schools, Online Courses, Online Class, Online Exams, Online Entrance Exams and all the other activities needed to run a digital school. The class can be conducted in instructor-led or learn-at-your-own-pace mode. Student progress and attendance can be full tracked using this power solution. Course planning, homework/assignment scheduling, online exams/quizzes/tests are examples of few other useful features of eClass.

Controlled distribution of data only to the intended audience at intended schedules is the most important feature of eClass. The data can be generated in almost any digital media format for sharing through our eLearning Management System, eClass. This tool can conduct online quizzes/exams and grade them automatically. The tool also manage results, attendance, enrollment and scheduling of course work.

Benefits of eClass
Distance learning programs now can be interactive i.e. instructor-led
Centralized learning and training management ensures consistency
On-demand learning: knowledge & assessment is available anytime from anywhere
On-Demand Scalability: add any number of students anytime as per the need
Learning is made enjoyable through graphics, animations, videos and audio
Students can take courses independently & learn at their own pace
Immediate capability/understanding evaluation and assessment enables quick feedback
Features of eClass
User & Student Management, Enrollment & Registration
Course, Lesson, Assignment & Exams/Quizzes/Tests Management
Email Reporting, FAQs, Forums and Chat for quick and effective communication
Surveys & Workshop Feedback Management
Student Attendance, Reports and Progress Tracking
Lesson can be presented using graphics, animations, videos & audios
Presentation can be published in almost any multimedia format
Course planner allows scheduling based on topics or weeks

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