School Information Management Software (SIMS)

Highlights of Progress Report Management
Student Progress Report get created automatically as teacher enter marks
Student Progress can be tracked on daily basis, term-wise or annually
Student Progress can be reported automatically to Parents, Teachers, Staff, Principal
Student Progress can be reported through portal, emails, SMS
Innovative Progress Analysis Reports to help understanding more about progress
Report Card can be calculated based on any system (e.g %, GPA, Grades, Class or Rank)
Merit/Scholarship List can be maintained automatically
Subject can be added selectively for Progress, Merit or Scholarship calculations
Descriptive Comment/Feedback can be entered automatically/Interactively or Manually
School Information Management Software (SIMS) offer all powerful functions to keep daily management chores to the least possible levels. One has to see the software demo to believe in this claim. So why wait, call us and our marketing team will visit your location for quick presentation and detailed hands on demo of our software.

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